Sinegraf is a leader in Turkish drama production, it is most commonly known for it’s trendsetting characteristics. The story telling style and the production value has been the major articles of trendsetting power. The success of some the series has made news headlines as they were the first of the examples ever observed. For instance one of the most successful TV series “Valley of the Wolves” ratings had been much higher than the unbeatable programs such as Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Turkey, and the live football match coverage between Turkey and Belgium. Certain Uefa Cup qualification and quarter final matches were no exception when their air time coincided with the series.

Similar achievement was observed for “Bread and Similes”, when the live broadcast of the football mach played between Turkish and Danish national teams was at the same timeslot with the series. Such examples have been numerous and extends out of the borders of Turkey. Certain selected captions from the press are given bellow;

TercümanPresident of the Turkish National Assembly Bülent Arinç, acted a part in famous TV show “Bread and Smiles”. He is the first member of parliament who acted in a TV show in Turkey.
StarTurkish Writers Society rewarded Osman Sinav and Hasan Kaçan with the “Best TV Drama” award for the TV Series “Bread and Smiles”
GözcüWe have heard of people organizing funerals, publishing orbituaries, making grave stones because of the death of popular “Valley of the Wolves” character “Süleyman Çakir”, but this is a first! A football team is named after the TV series. The team had a successful season and now playing in the semi-finals.
DünyaAs a result of Media Monitoring Center’s research on Turkey’s most popular TV shows, “Valley of the Wolves” is found to be the most commercially valuable show of the year and attracts more commercials then the other series.
RadikalWildheart – Hell of Boomerang”’s first three days box-office has been recorded higher then all the foreign and local movies for that year! It also outstripped five local movie’s total box-office, just in three days.
Sabah“Wildheart” TV series broke a record after transferring to ATV on its first night. It was the most watched show on Monday with %36 share.
Özen FilmWildheart” is the only movie which was watched more then “Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Ring” and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” in Turkey.
HürriyetWildheart was given the Bogey award, which is held on behalf of the legendary actor Humphery Bogart in Germany. This year only three movies received this award; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring and Wildheart – Hell of Boomerang. It is the first Turkish movie which received this award.