Osman Sınav was born in 1956, Burdur, Turkey.

From 1975 –1979 he studied painting, textile design and attended the Film – TV Institute of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, but left the school to work.

He began to his career with writing and directing commercials until 1987 and from 1987 onwards he has been directing and producing feature and TV series.

He founded Sinegraf in 1984 in Istanbul to produce commercials, TV dramas, TV films and feature films.

He is a member of Director’s Association, Cinematic Right Owner’s Society and member of executive committee of Turkish Cinema and Television Producers Association.



120” Film for theatrical release

.39th Antalya Film Festival
.Best Supporting Actor Golden Orange Award
.Best Director of Photography
.Best Sound Effects
.Best Editor 2001 Box Office Germany Award
.Yusuf Miroğlu’s and his fiancé, Zeynep’s journey to Diyarbakir turn out to be a nightmare.

Yusuf Miroğlu, a veteran of southeastern unrest, travels to city of Diyarbakir to attend wedding of his friend from his military service days.

The wedding symbolizes the hope and yearning for peace and better life since two different families relation had turned bitter as a consequence of unrest in the region.

But the shadow of the dark days is not all gone yet,the bride is shot dead at his wedding day and killer suspiciously executed soon after the event by one of his relations.

Yusuf is shocked and deeply grieved, but suspects that this is not a simple murder. He remembers how well Cemal was informed about assassination of the peace loving police chief who was determined to create stability in the region.

Was he killed because of what he knew, are they the same people who are responsible from his death?

But the shadow of the dark days is not all gone yet,the bride is shot dead at his wedding day and killer suspiciously executed soon after the event by one of his relations.

Yusuf is shocked and deeply grieved, but suspects that this is not a simple murder. He remembers how well Cemal was informed about assassination of the peace loving police chief who was determined to create stability in the region.

Was he killed because of what he knew, are they the same people who are responsible from his death?

1995 Gerilla (Guerilla) (TRT)

118” Film for theatrical release

.31st Antalya Film Festival – Best Supporting Actress Golden Orange Award .1996 Adana Golden Pod Awards – Best Actress Award .1996 ÇASOD – Best Actor Award

It’s a psychological criminal story. A man sold guns to terrorists before the military strike on 12 September 1980 in Turkey. Afterwards he starts getting threatening letters undersigned “Guerilla”. His life will be full with fear and panic.

1993 Yalancı ((Liar))

13” Film for theatrical release and shown as 4 episode TV film

.29th Antalya Film Festival-3rd Best Film,Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Golden Orange Awards .1994 Adana Golden Pod Awards – 2nd Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor Awards .1994 Golden Butterfly Awards – Best Film Award .1994 Cologne Film Festival – Best Film Award

A telephone-call from Uncle Ali is enough to carry him away to his childhood,to the year of 1950. The year full of unexhausted adventures, uneducable lies and endless love stories…. An Uncle as a mentor of how to love a woman, how to live in this world with a smile upon your face and how to get out of trouble with twisted mind tricks.

A portray of an Uncle, a man that doesn’t submit to the life and his nephew…


Film for theatrical release and television

29th Antalya Film Festival – 3rd Best Film, Best Actor Golden Orange Awards Ministry of Culture – Best Director and Producer Award

It’s a love story of a prostitute and the son of an imam in a small town. A great story of tolerance, love, understanding, passion,

A woman


69” Film for theatrical release and television

Gülseren lives alone with her mother in Istanbul. She supports the two of them by dressmaking and shoulders all the responsibilities of a home without a man.

Then Yusuf walks into her life. Brought up in the neighbourhood, he’s been away for ten years. Now he’s back: full of sadness and loneliness, speaking his mind almost as if he were talking to himself. In a word, different. Something in Gülseren is awakened. Whenever she’s with Yusuf she feels her own loneliness and repressed womanhood – and she falls in love.


.Shown as 4 episode TV film (4x62’) .Actress of the Year Award (Günes Daily)

Nur can’t get along with her mother after her father’s death. Unlike her father, her mother does not give her affection and love. Nur finishes university, having been forced to study by her mother, and after graduation she marries a schoolfriend, Ferit. She expects nothing either from Ferit or from the marriage. Her aim is to do something different with her life and to get away from her mother. One day Murat, Ferit’s friend from high school, comes to their house. A close and warm relationship is established between Nur and Murat. But Nur leaves Urfa one day before Murat is due to return to Istanbul…


TV Film

A criminal escapes from the police and enter through a window. He finds a famous theater writer just before he commits to suicide. The love triangle between the writer, the young man and beautiful ambitious actress confused the criminal.



SHOW TV – 6 Episodes (production continues)

Mehmet and Nermin are desperately in love with each other. Both are living in the suburbs of Istanbul trying to get rid of poverty by working harder each day. But they never earn enough money to realize their dream of getting married. While Mehmet works as a welder in a shipyard, Nermin is a manucurist in one of the well known coiffeurs. Although their only aim is to get married, they can not even rent a flat…

When Nermin gets in a term losing the hope of happiness, one of the playboys of Istanbul, Ender, falls in love with Nermin at first sight. At that moment Nermin’s fortune totally turns into a different route. She starts to get closer to the glamorous life of Ender and edges away from the love of her life; Mehmet…


KANAL D – 6 Episodes

Babakale is a village on the western frontier of Turkey. There lives an imam trying to guide people according to the real philosophy of Islamic religion with his pure and bright comprehension. He is such a final light glowing from east to the west… His son Cihan, a carpenter’s apprentice, and a very talented ethnical musician’s granddaughter Zehra, are two young lovers who are engaged to be married. Although Zehra is a wonderful vocalist and educated by her granddad, she can only sing in social occasions. She works in a countryside hotel as a cleaner to sustain her family. One day, Cihan’s master Suphi, gives this couple a very precious gift… A magnificent wooden frame house which he has built himself 25 years ago for his lover. But he couldn’t get married with her and had never entered that house once again… Now there seems nothing to avoid them to get married. But an amazing proposal made to Zehra, confused everthing totally…


SHOW TV – 55 Episodes

Aslan, who heads the KGT (State Security Organization), has taken Ali under his protection since a very early age. He rescues Ali from the orphanage and has him adopted by Ömer Baba, a man he trusts and respects, and his family. Aslan raises Ali with a view to hiring him as a key figure in the KGT further down the line. His university education and military training are planned accordingly. Throughout this time he is constantly required to travel far from his family. One day, Aslan tells Ali he is finally ready for an intelligence operation. The operation has certain requirements. Everyone should know that Ali has died, while the real Ali takes on the guise of Polat, a specially created identity. To do this he undergoes plastic surgery and has his face changed beyond recognition. One day, when the operation is underway, Polat saves the life of a small Mafia baron, Çakir. And from that day on Çakir is inseparable from him. He makes Polat a partner to his casino and treats him as one of the family.


ATV – 71 Episodes

‘Bread and Smiles’ is a comedy based on the kind of stories that could happen in any neighbourhood anywhere. Nusret, the baker, is the youngest son of a family that has run a bakery in the same neighbourhood for three generations. The series develops around Nusret, his wife, his five daughters and brother-in-law. In terms of philosophy, the series draws on the legend of Nasrettin Hodja, a figure who lived hundreds of years ago but remains as valid and real today.


SHOW TV – ATV – 106 Episodes

The biggest responsibility of a married woman with three children is to look after her kids, keep the house in order and support her husband in his social and professional life.

Nurhayat, the lead character, is a typical housewife who has done just this throughout her 18 years of married life. What’s more, after finding out she was pregnant, she dropped out of university to devote her entire time to her kids and home life. To begin with, Nurhayat is quietly resigned to the other women that blow in and out of her husband’s life, but in the end she can take it no longer, walks out and begins the struggle to stand on her own two feet. However, because she dropped out of university she has no profession. In fact, she lacks any qualifications that will make her money having been nothing but a housewife.


SHOW TV – ATV – 113 Episodes

.Golden Butterfly Award Best Director .MGD Awards Best Director .I.U. Communication Faculty Best TV Serial–Best Director–Best Actor Awards .And many awards from universities and foundatians

Yusuf is a lonely justice warrior fighting against unlaws in between the nest of criminal underworld, foreign intelligence agencies and their supporters.

As a modern day “Robin Hood”, this tough, courage, handsome young man solves the problems of helpless people. Although the series is high on action, it is the deep relationship between the characters and the family values form the heart of the series. And also there is an impossible love story of Yusuf and the beautiful daughter of his worst enemy Agabey. Yusuf tries to build up an honest society himself according to his mystical point of view. This action drama is set apart from most by its unique story of an ordinary young man becoming people’s hero.


ATV – 23 episodes

MGD Awards Best TV serial – Best Actor

A handsome and intellectual TV reporter goes to Bosnian in the middle of the war in order to report the last war news. He found an orphan child there and adopted and took him home. After turning back to Turkey he investigates many interesting stories and sometimes he becomes a part of them. His love story with the beautiful young colleague is sometimes complicated because the most important thing for him is his job.