Deli Yürek

Kutlu immortal piece of art and cinema by Mustafa Osman exam based on the "long story"; Eyüp migrate to Bulgaria grandfather settled in the 1940s as a child teeny Bulgaryali Ali (Kenan İmirzalioğlu) tells the life.

The story in the 1950s Bulgaryali daughter of Ali, a young man, almond zrinda Eyüp summer cinema operator Munire (Tuğce Kazaz) begins with the escape enamored with each other.

With a big smile everywhere he went in the desire to beautify your eyes can not resist Ali's passion for equality and justice enters into the job, Munire, only sons Mustafa and Ali went to a different face of life meets every town.

Goes on and on until the end of the 1960s, 1970s, railroads from town to town along the long-standing and "Long Story", and the internal-wrenching, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful and exuberant, sometimes tells an exciting adventure and romance that is installed ...