Sakarya Fırat

A “71 minute” homage to nameless heroes.

This is the story of Specialist Military Police Osman Kanat and a handful of his heroic friends.

The cold breath of death was on their trail. They fought. Putting their only possession, their lives into the fight against fear, darkness, hatred and dirty tricks. They shed their blood at the zero point of the border. While fighting, they fell in love, felt longing, separated, reunited. Having no one beside each other, these heroes created the greatest epic of our recent history. Two rivers sprung out from the same land. The local community in distress. Soldiers’ mothers, waiting on pin and needles, to hear from their beloved sons. And warm hearts grasping the cold barrel. Valiant soldiers of Celiktepe Military Police Station: Team Northeaster.

From the day it has been aired on TRT channel, having millions of audience tuned in, it is an unprecedented epic in Turkish televisions.

From the famous producer Osman Sinav, an homage to our nameless heroes.