Young boxer Ali Pusat, goes to prison due to a set of misfortunate events he has been through before the championship match. He is imprisoned for 6 years.

Ali, who is on stained terms with his coach due to some misunderstandings and who has lost his love Hediye starts a brand new life after he gets out of jail to correct his mistakes and carry out his struggle through the path of the championship.

His biggest supports in this life are his coach Selahattin, Niyazi;who accompanies Ali with his instrument and Hediye;who portrays life and guides Ali with help of flowers. But Kont, the man that rules the world of box beting drags Ali back into trouble.

Ali is now stuck between the clean and dirty world. He works hard to become a champion with the help of his beloved ones and his coach. At the same time he wants to take advantage of the seductive opportunities brought to him by Kont.

Pusat is then faced with various choices and struggles. Finally he understands that life is no different then the boxing ring. You have to get up and keep on fighting no matter how many times and how hard you get hit.