Pars Narkoterör

Istanbul Narcotic Chief Officer Samil Baturay catches a drug baron on the verge of death in a routine drug operation.

After this operation, he goes to Van, an eastern province which is near to Iran border, for a family visit with his work partner, who is also his fiancée, Zülüf. While Samil is in Van, he participates in a drug operation which is leaded by his brother, a Major in Turkish Army. In this operation, they catch some terrorists who smuggle heroin from Iran to Turkey.

The very next day, Samil’s brother was killed by a sharp-shooter in an ambush to his unit while transferring the captured drugs. Altough Samil is devastated by his brother’s death, he soon starts to investigate the ambush, determined to find those who is responsible.

Back in Istanbul, as he goes deeper and deeper on his researches, he finds out that those two events which took place at the most far places of Turkey, might be connected to each other. A new “dust-line” is being shaped from Istanbul to Iran and Van to Berlin by the drug barons.

Everything becomes even more complicated as Samil finds out his fiancée’s family in Van might be connected to this new drug network.

Osman Sýnav’s the latest success Pars Narcoterror is a story of how the money earned from drugs is financing the terror actions and it is also a story about how love between a Kurdish woman (Zülüf) and a Circassian man (Samil) even they are from different ethnic origins, may endure.