Kapıları Açmak

Zehra, a young woman living in a small village called Babakale, acclaimed by the townspeople for her beautiful singing voice, is engaged to be married to her childhood sweetheart Cihan, who is a carpenter. They share a mutual dream: to build a happy family in the house on the hilltop, bestowed upon them by Cihan’s friend Suphi as their engagement gift.

When Zehra’s grandfather, her only protector in the family dies, Zehra must hasten to marry Cihan so as to free herself from the greedy claws of her brother and his wife, who are more than displeased with this ‘non-prosperous’ marriage. However, Zehra has another dream, a secret dream, one that clashes with the humble but happy life up on the hill. It is to participate in and win the Popstar competition in Istanbul, an achievement which would make her famous, allow her to stand on her own two feet, and finally let her pursue her lifelong passion – singing.

A multi-layered drama unfolds, when Zehra, disillusioned by her aspirations and their outcome, returns to her village as an outsider, and becomes a reject in her own home town. It is now up to the Imam to change the peoples’ perception and re-integrate Zehra into a society that is now alien to her. Will they trust in the Imam’s view of morality? Will they open their doors to Zehra? And most importantly, will the door of the house on the hill finally open up to the possibility of true love?