Ekmek Teknesi

‘Bread and Smiles’ is a comedy based on the kind of stories that could happen in any neighbourhood anywhere.

Nusret, the baker, is the youngest son of a family that has run a bakery in the same neighbourhood for three generations. The series develops around Nusret, his wife, his five daughters and brother-in-law.

In terms of philosophy, the series draws on the legend of Nasrettin Hodja, a figure who lived hundreds of years ago but remains as valid and real today.

‘Bread and Smiles’ is the story of ‘Nusrettin’, a baker who bows to the authority of God, is ultimately true to his word, judges no one who treats him like everyone else, is magnanimous with the poor, remorseless with frauds and long suffering in the face of hardship. He handles the vicissitudes of life armed with the baker’s shovel that never leaves his floury hands and profits from a sharp wit and bounding sense of humour in love and war alike.

With five daughters, all of them now grown up, Nusret has no son to whom he can leave the bakery. His relationship with his daughters, his daughters’ romances, their exuberance and hopes for marriages are recounted with warmth and affection. His wife is devoted to her husband and daughters, but she is unrestrained in mothering her brother. However, Ali Cengiz, her brother’s antics land her in a lot of trouble.

Constantly recalling and resurrecting lost moral values; Nusret guides the local community with his humanist approach. ‘Bread and Laughs’ reminds us of the human relationships missing from our lives today, of warmth and sharing. It is a sitcom best enjoyed by the whole family.