Doludizgin Yıllar

“Doludizgin Yıllar” is the story of 19-year-old Baris who was brought up with all the avantages of a “charmed lifestyle. ” The story starts with his chaotic life in Istanbul and ends up on an offbeat horse farm. In the farm, as Baris gets to know Gülsen, Bekir, Feraye and Aliço, who unlike him grew up on the farm away from the luxuries of the city, they all slowly begin to change together.

The story of “Doluduzgin Yıllar,” a project from Osman Sinav and Aybars Bora Kahyaoglu, promises to be something never before seen on the television screens of Turkey.

“Doludizgin Yıllar” comes from the mind of Yigit Güralp, who is known for creating projects geared towards young audiences. His previous works include the film “Sinav” and the series “Kavak Yelleri.” It took him three months to write “Doludizgin Yıllar,” which, like his previous projects, is meant to appeal to the youth sector.

“Doludizgin Yıllar,” shot on location at a horse farm in Ömerli, is a story of a life full of fun, romance, and adventure, the likes of which have never been told before. It promises to be labeled as something unlike anything that audiences have ever seen.