Deli Yürek

Golden Butterfly Award Best Director

MGD Awards Best Director

I.U. Communication Faculty Best TV Serial–Best Director–Best Actor Awards

And many awards from universities and foundatians

Yusuf is a lonely justice warrior fighting against unlaws in between the nest of criminal underworld, foreign intelligence agencies and their supporters.

As a modern day “Robin Hood”, this tough, courageous, handsome young man solves the problems of helpless people.

Although the series is high on action, it is the deep relationship between the characters and the family values form the heart of the series. And also there is an impossible love story of Yusuf and the beautiful daughter of his worst enemy Agabey.

Yusuf tries to build up an honest society himself according to his mystical point of view. This action drama is set apart from most by its unique story of an ordinary young man becoming people’s hero.

This is one of the longest running TV serials that maintained to attract the highest number of viewers in the span of four years.