Aşk Kırmızı

Can you love two people at the same time? Ferhat in love with his wife, Zeynep. Zeynep him. Since the first day of their marriage, have not been apart, even for one night.

Separate the first day of hospitalization, Ferhat first love, Nazlıgül'e common. He never thought possible at one time, somewhere unexpected. The next morning, the two former lovers will understand that, on the morning of a night of love dovey walk, take the lead in the world of heaven is like hell.

Because Ferhat, a promise, and he has suffered a lot Nazlıgül'ü loses: "A more so a woman like her, and never deceive you marry her." Kept its promise. Janette loved. Loved you very much. Aldatmamıştır married her and never.

But now, again opposite nazlıgül. Ferhat, nazlıgül and Zeynep, do not come to this question in their mind, they have to answer now. Zeynep Nazlıgül'le deceive deceive count? Loyalty, more than triple stops where?